Style up Your Home - DIY Fashion Inspired D├ęcor

Decorating and fun go hand in hand.  Check out these very creative, fun fashion-inspired ideas from Chloe Taylor to help "style up your home"...using what you may already have.  Have fun!

Big or small decorative pieces you can find in stores can be expensive. Sometimes, it is even difficult to find what you imagined which can be frustrating. Instead of going through such agony, you should take matter into your own hands and start a fun project of decorating your home with your own things. Each of these ideas is simple and will take you a couple of hours tops.

Frame your Favorite Scarves

Every girl has plenty of silk scarves for which she cannot even find enough space. If you have the same problem, turn them into decoration. On the other hand, if you do not have any spare scarves, you can easily find some cheap ones in a vintage shop. Either way, all you need are colorful scarves with various patterns and frames of your desire, and your new decorations are done. Place these above your bed, TV, or create an artsy corner and your home will get a new glow.

Turn your Scarf into a Throw or Runner

Oversized scarves and pashminas are sometimes hard to combine with your outfits, but that does not mean these would not make a great decorative piece. All you have to do is use the scarf or a pashmina instead of a throw blanket or table runner and transform your tables and couches. This DIY project will not even take any time, since you only need a few seconds to drape it. This quick transformation is perfect for decorating for a party or some fancy dinners with your family.  For additional splash of style, you can make wall art using needles, colorful yarn bowls and reclaimed timber. 

Make your Jewelry a Piece of Art

Another easy but sparkly project of yours could include framing your jewelry and making them into art. For simpler projects, you can pin your jewelry onto a cork board, add some decorations on it or repaint it and mount it on the wall. For a more sophisticated look you can frame your jewelry into a standard shadow box. You can also group some of the pieces you do not wear that often, or use a standout piece such as an oversized necklace and make a statement with it. Have couple of these elegant pieces and mount them in your hallway for a big entrance in your house. 

Create your Own Accessories Wall

Why hide your pretty hats, purses and jewelry when you can expose them and decorate your home at the same time. With these you can turn your dull white wall into a gorgeous display with your favorite things. Think of a pattern you want and hang a series of hooks and simply place your accessories on them. Even better, some vintage hats and antique purses that you never get the chance to wear can be reborn into lovely decorative pieces.

However, if placing hooks is impossible but you have some spare shelves, dust them off and use them. Organize your purses, hats, and even shoes and put some jewelry on stands voila! For an even better effect you can mount a couple of high bay lights on the accessories wall. Also, you can choose different colors for the bulbs and introduce some fun atmosphere in your home.

Use Trays as Displays 

Jewelry boxes look beautiful, but these can be expensive. The creative alternative for a jewelry box is a nice display tray, or even ashtrays that you do not use. Any shapes, sizes, materials and colors of the trays are welcome, just find what suits your taste the best, and simply display your accessories and small treasures. This way you are creating your own personal vignettes that fit in perfectly in every room in your home.

Simply said, you do not need a fortune to decorate your home. Simply use your own accessories and clothes to add character and make a cozier atmosphere. 

Creative Backyard Improvements That Increase the Value of Your Home

When selling your home, getting the best price is usually the primary goal.  Marie Nieves shares some very valuable tips on how to increase the value of your home by creating backyard improvements.

The real estate market has had its ups and downs. Most people who were selling houses decided to take a break for a short time until the market stabilized again. In the meantime, they have focused on improving their existing houses and adding a lot of value to its future sale. This is mostly done by creating backyard improvements which significantly affect the price of the house. If you are one of those people who want to sell their house and get the most out of it, here are some of the things you can install in your backyard in order to increase your house’s value.

Create additional outdoor rooms

One of the best additions every house owner can get is a landscaped patio. According to, a landscape patio is so highly valued that buyers are willing to pay an additional 12.5% of the house’s original value just for the patio. So, if you have enough space and some money to invest, invest in a patio. You can easily convert it into a backyard terrace or a dining area. Place some fancy furniture and enjoy drinking morning coffee or the afternoon tea while relaxing in the sun and enjoying the fresh air. 

Invest in a pool

When you think about it, pools are the first association with “being rich”. It’s not something everyone can afford, and let’s be honest, they cost a fortune to make and maintain, but they also increase the value of a home. The best pool that gives the most out of what you paid for it is the Gunite Pool. It is so fancy and luxurious that it will boost your home’s value significantly. If you go online and search the “sell my house” phrase, you will find a lot of useful information about how to sell your house and the most common mistakes people make. Also, there are tips which will help you increase its value, and those tips will suggest that you invest in a Gunite Pool. In almost every scenario, pool is the first option for home improvements. 

A professional landscape design

Your landscape may be good enough, but when you want to additionally increase the value of your home, you will have to redesign it. Hiring a professional landscape designer to either create a design for you is very important. They know what’s trending and what adds value, so you should listen to their advice. Pros usually charge around $65-70 per hour. 

Plant trees

For some reason, most buyers love it when there are young trees planted around their new homes. By planting a few trees and letting them grow a bit, your home will gain in value. But not just any trees, we’re not talking about orchards and fruit trees. Plant those decorative trees that attract no flies and require no pruning. Plus, they are a great addition to your aesthetics and thanks to them everything looks nice. 

Add lighting

To spice things up a little bit, add some lighting around the perimeter. This will let you enjoy the evening with your friends and family and at the same time increase the value of your home. Also, you will be able to do some night-time swimming around your new pool, and enjoy the romantic dinner with your other half. Lights are a great addition to every backyard, they’re cheap to install and add a lot of value. If you have some extra cash, consider antique lanterns.
Improving your home and adding a bit of extra in the backyard is very important before putting it up for sale. You can get great revenue after selling it and still enjoy all the commodities while living in it. Consider these improvements in order to get the highest value for your home.

Roads towards a Rock-Solid Household Storage Plan

Guest blogger Lillian Connors has brought us some handy storage tips and ideas on how to get your home organized...

Storage handling is a challenging task in many households. Still, having a solid storage plan is sometimes more effective than moving to a larger house. This will enable you to track your Christmas decorations and summer clothes when you actually need them. With our three-part scheme, you’ll make an optimal arrangement of your home storing space.

Make a Thorough Estimate

The first step towards perfectly organized storage is to know what has to be put away and how much footage you have at your disposal for storing it. Use a piece of paper and make two columns you’d fill in as you go. Take the storage needs of your family into consideration and start combing the house, from attic to basement.
Make every area and nook count, from the topmost hard-to-reach to shelves, over modest underneath-the-bed strips, to garden shed and garage shelves. Don’t get disheartened by messy sights and focus on your current task.
Once you get all your potential storage spots in one place, you should proceed to making a list of items you need to store. These are some of the most common objects that justifiably make the cut: 
  • Seasonal clothing
  • The decorative paraphernalia for Christmas, Easter and other festive holidays
  • An archive of important documents (taxes and other records, personal files, etc.)
  • Luggage items
  • Memorabilia and sentimental pieces (children’s performance records, sketches, photo albums)
  • Sports equipment (skis, rollerblades, bicycles, golf clubs, badminton sets, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Party supplies such as extra plates, tablecloths, chairs and inflatable beds
  • Garden hardware and tools
  • Original packaging of all techy stuff around the house
These items get the first claim on house storage, so distribute them smartly with the help of your list. For example, luggage can go under the bed, tools and equipment should stay in the garage and the garden shack, while clothes should be placed on the easy-to-reach shelves in the attic.

Remove, Box or Sell?

With all the major household items stored, you need to deal with the things that cause unnecessary clutter and have to be removed, sold, recycled or stored elsewhere. Some of the items can be sold at a garage sale, such as functional, but rarely used appliances, excess kitchen tools and furniture. Finally, there’s plain junk you simply have to evict, such as expired canned food, broken devices, mismatched objects and construction debris.
Begin the process by keeping your list and plans constantly in view and work on one tiny unit at a time until you get to the bottom of it. The handy way to separate the items into groups and categories is to pack them into boxes for storage or removal. Use tags or pens to mark the names of each temporary box-unit (“yard sale”, “donate”, etc.) and a garbage can for indisputable rubbish.
Proceed by moving the objects to their assigned storage site. If you’re working on a tight schedule, time yourself and handle smaller chunks at once so you never get caught with a messy room. Don’t forget to seek help from your family members, but also know when it’s best to do something on your own. Keep a pace that suits you and don’t forget to admire your work and stay motivated.
Finally, you may encounter things you’re not ready to give up just yet and you need time to deliberate. A friend gave me a brilliant idea on how to solve this - secure mobile storage. Let their guys pack and store your family heirlooms and similar troublesome pieces you can’t decide what to do with and have them back any time you want.

Corrections and Management

In most cases, the plan may need some tweaking here and there. Sometimes all the items on the pile cannot fit the designated shelves, so new storage units may need to be introduced. Also, to keep the storage situation under control in the future, make an inventory and save it on computer as a guide for the future. 

Don’t get discouraged by the amount of things you have to store and rearrange in your home. You can easily excel at the storage shuffling process by following our handy advice.

Introducing Industrial Elements to Your Interior

Guest blogger Lillian Connors shares some interesting ways to achieve an industrial look for your home.

Until recently industrial wasn’t a style at all, it was a way of life. But nowadays people who are interested in design are amazed how we are able to restore barns, warehouses and old industrial buildings. Its attraction lies in its basic architecture, salvaged and reused objects, and its practical surfaces. It suddenly became a big trend in the interior design world and it looks like it is here to stay. This style can be found everywhere from renovated lofts to multi millionaire mansions. Here are some suggestions on how to bring this style into your home.

Find inspiration

In order to decide how are you going to redecorate your interior with industrial style elements, first you will have to find out what details you prefer. Try looking around your city and find some buildings that have a long history and you might stumble upon something very interesting that catches your eye. Look in warehouses to see some exposed brick or steel columns that don’t have a drywall on them. Maybe you’ll fall in love with timber roof trusses. Since the industrial style became popular, many old buildings were given new life. Visit your downtown to look for some of those buildings, keep an eye on warehouses, barns and manufacturing facilities that were turned into office spaces and condos.


You could use artwork to introduce industrial architecture into your interior. Try using murals, bold graphics or paint a bold symbol on an exposed brick wall to express your design style, this can be done in all parts of the apartment or house. Use ideas you collected around the city and create your own artwork. Numbers, letters or abstract images it can all go on a wall in your home and turn a boring interior into art.

Mix modern with industrial

If you try combining  older architectural details with modern styles you will bring new beauty into your home. This is very noticeable in the kitchen. Most modern day appliances have stainless steel or your kitchen cabinets will have wood panels that resemble the industrial age. You can also use lighting to bring out the industrial feel in your home, this little trick we learn from the guys behind Superlight. For instance, try using pendant lighting with Edison-style bulbs, this will give a real retro look if you hang it and choose fixtures that have rustic metal.

Repurpose and reuse

You could go with buying new furniture that will bring the industrial look to your home. But there is a way you could save money in that section. Go with repurposing, reusing and recycling materials from other sections of your home to achieve that industrial appearance. If you are currently renovating go around your neighborhood to demolition sites. You can find a lot of wood and metal that you can reuse in your home, keep an eye for warehouses and barns since these are rich with materials you are looking for. Some lumberyards can provide you with reclaimed wood and industrial elements like railroad ties.

Renovate the focal points

You could also achieve the industrial look in your home by locating and renovating some of the most noticeable details in your home. You can renovate your room to look modern and contemporary, but try  refacing the walls or a fireplace with exposed industrial materials. This will give then a finished look that is inspired by the industrial era. Concrete is a great material as well, it can be polished to achieve high gloss or left matte for a rustic appearance. If you want industrial look consider leaving nail heads and seams naked and exposed, this will only add to the overall style.

There are different ways of achieving the industrial look for your home. You can go with renovating, you can reuse and recycle, or you could simply buy furniture that adds to the industrial appearance. Follow these helpful tips on how to decorate your home in order to reach your desired goal.

Innovative Home Design Ideas: Sustainable yet Stylish Household

Green decorating solutions continue with my guest blogger Chloe Taylor...

The next big thing in home design ideas is the issue of sustainability. Still, this doesn’t mean that style is no longer important, only that it no longer reigns supreme. Luckily there is a way for you to have your cake and eat it too. However, it will cost you quite a bit of effort. With this in mind, here are some sustainable and elegant solutions that are bound to increase both the beauty and the practicality of your home to a whole new level.

1.  Nothing Goes To Waste

One of the first things you need to learn, if you are to lead a truly sustainable and frugal household, is when your stuff is beyond repair. For example, if you have a metal piece of furniture that is eaten by rust from the inside, there’s nothing you can do about it. On the other hand, wood can always be sanded, repainted and repurposed. Restoring your old furniture is not just there to save you money. It can also give your home that hint of genuine vintage many would give anything to achieve.

2.  Eco-Friendly Materials

The bottom line is that, no matter what kind of design you want in your home, there is nothing preventing you from going green. Think about it, a chair or a table cannot be eco-friendly or non-eco-friendly, it is their material that counts. Nevertheless, giving the answer to the question what material is truly green is never easy. Local materials always fall in this category, since there’s no need to waste money and pollute the environment for the sake of their transportation. This is why, what may be green in your region, will not necessarily be so in another.

3. Zero-Energy Home

An idea that could take the sustainability of your home to a whole new level is to make it zero-energy. This means that it should produce as much power as it consumes. One of the ways in which you can make this happen is by installing solar panels to the roof. For this, you will have to buy the material needed, hire someone skilled to set it up, as well as get an ewp, since all these tasks take place on high altitudes. Even though it may all seem as a lot of money now, in the long run it always pays off.

4.  Look At Vendors When Buying

Sure, every item may be a story unto itself, but you, as a layman in this field, may not be able to differentiate which things are or are not eco-friendly. According to renovation builders from Sydney, the easiest way to settle this problem would be to look at vendors you are buying from. Some brands like Viva Terra or Bambeco, will exclusively sell 100% organic materials. By buying from them yourself, you can rest assured that your design is sustainable. Then again, you could also leave the task of making your new home design to someone more experienced.

5. Every Room Is Different

Same as people, rooms in your home are completely different from each other in their essence. This is why it would be unwise to assume that the same rules of decoration apply to each part of your home. Some areas receive more light; others may give you more isolation. It is up you to understand their nature and decorate accordingly. 
For example, kitchen is the most practical room in your home, so your focus here should be on energy efficiency. Providing a lot of storage space and finding matching appliances should always be your paramount. On the other hand, your upstairs rooms like children’s room, bedroom or home office, require cozy setting. Embroidered curtains, soft cushions and even scraps of old fabric as wall decoration can get you there. All you need is enough patience and will to see it all through.

6.  Let There Be Light

Finally, the way you handle your home’s illumination may very well determine the success of the entire project. Sure, LED lights are more frugal than standard incandescent lights, but if you want your home to be really energy efficient, you must go one step further than that. The more natural light you allow inside your home, the less you will have to rely on your artificial lighting system. A clear and undeniable win-win scenario.
As you can see, making your home both sustainable and stylish is far from easy, but where there is will, there is always a way. Explore your options, do your best to go truly green in your interior decoration and both your home and your planet will be grateful. This idea alone can be something completely invaluable.

Eco-Friendly and Aesthetically Pleasing: Trends in Beautiful Green Buildings

Guest blogger Marie Nieves is back with some beautiful ideas on the latest trends in green buildings and landscaping.   See how you can incorporate some of these eco-friendly design choices into the exterior of your home or workplace.

Eco-friendly building and landscaping have become one of the leading industries of today, since the world strives to become a better cleaner place. Without a doubt, Elmich Australia Pty Ltd has outdone itself by making a great contribution to this field of architecture. With their professional designs and outstanding products, Elmich has started making a change in the world and their green walls stand proudly as one of the biggest green wall installation in Singapore.

Green Roofs

One of the popular trends in green building is the installation of green roofs, which have many benefits. They can reduce the impact of the constant climate changes and make a great sustainable building design. Also, because green roofs make a great insulation device, they can reduce the transmission of heat onto the living space, lower the ambient temperature and mitigate the urban heat island effect. Additionally, Elmich green roof systems can improve the air quality and upgrade the overall aesthetics. Depending on the type of building and the needs of the people living or working in there, there are varieties of green roof systems that can be installed, requiring lower or higher need for maintenance: extensive and intensive green roofs, podium decks and roof gardens.

Green Walls

With the growing population, the air and environment pollution is growing fast as well. That is why architects search for innovative ways of building sustainable buildings that can help improve the quality of the air around us. Elmich Green Walls have plastic modules and support brackets made out of stainless steel which both make this system easy to mount during the installation and easy to dismount for the maintenance and replacement needs. Green walls on a building are a great and easy way to improve the quality of air in big cities. Additionally, these green wall systems are perfect for commercial wall cladding systems because the lush flora makes an impeccable noise reducer and an ideal thermal insulation which will provide the optimal work ambient. Moreover, the vertical garden provides aesthetic interest and makes the building stand out. 

Turf Stabilization 

Turf is often considered as just a pretty lawn that is mostly used for golf courses. However, that is not the whole story. Elmich uses turf as part of the sustainable design that brings many health and environmental benefits. It reduces the runoff and soil erosion and it protects the ground and surface water quality. Also, turf provides a cushion against injures, it can reduce stress and greatly benefits the human health. That’s why Elmich recommends using such structures in front of buildings or parking spaces, since it can only improve the environment and reduce pollution. Additionally, because of their strength, turfs can bear plenty of weight, which makes them ideal for allowing access to heavy fire trucks in case of an emergency. 

Paving and Decking Support

Additional trending green constructions are paving and decking supports. That is not a coincidence, because these too are quite beneficial both environmentally and aesthetically. Elmich offers a wide range of structures using paving and decking support, such as balconies, roof terraces, pool surrounds and many others. These systems are a great choice, because they are non-toxic and recyclable, offer great temperature resistance and prevent the water from building up on the surface. 

These green and aesthetically pleasing trends are a perfect choice for any type of construction. Companies like Elmich offer many different products that can contribute to the exterior of your workspace or a home and at the same time improve your image about the environmental awareness. 

How to Decorate Your Home with the French furniture

Looking for a more elegant decor? My guest blogger Harry Caesar has some beautiful ideas for decorating your home with French furniture.

If you plan on designing your home with the French furniture then this is one of the best decisions you have made for your interiors. The French craftsmen are known throughout the world for their finest of furniture designing and construction from ages. The French furniture will provide you the most comfortable and beautiful environment in your homes and you will be experience the best life in this place. However, it is important to know what all you can get in this regard.

French furniture for your bedroom

There are several styles that you can get in the French furniture and so you do not have to worry about the kind of options that you have in this area. You can opt for the most elegantly carved furniture to the more intricate patterns that brings back the French era in your bedroom. The furniture will help you add a beautiful touch and the practicality of bedroom furniture to your room. The kind of color that you choose in this furniture is also important because the color will help to give a classic touch or a royal touch that you need in your bedroom.

The headboards and bed styles

You have the option to look for the headboards separately or you can get the ones that come attached with the bed. The ones attached with the bed are designed with intricate designs and these come with extremely great looking curves and edges that help to give a sophisticated look. The headboards are usually designed with the royal look that helps to get a kingly feel in your bedroom and also to rest and read your books.

The bedside stand 

The French bedside stands are not very fancy because these are known for their subtle designs. They add the French feel to the whole setup and help you get that subtle look in your house. This addition of the furniture in your bedroom will help you get a more complex and sophisticated look in your room.

The mirrors of French furniture

These are more elaborate, and this can be proven with the fact when we look at French beauty. These are available in full sizes and there are also other functionalities added to this piece of furniture. These add beautiful looking mirrors and also practical features in your rooms.

How to buy French furniture?

There are many French furniture dealers available in the market and you only need to choose the best French furniture that is suited for your needs. However, when you look at the dealers don’t just go with the cheap prices because French furniture is considerably expensive than the others. So make sure that you look at the price aspect. On the other hand you also need to consider whether the seller is a genuine French furniture seller, and this can be made sure once you take a look at the kind of reputation and reviews that the seller has online. If you buy it online then you will also need to hire the experts in your location to assemble it for you. So it is better to buy it from the local sellers in order to get the complete service.

French furniture is an elegant addition to your home, but you need to make sure that you consider all the important aspects related to it before you make the purchase. You can be sure to get the royal feel in your bedroom once you get this furniture installed. But make sure that you consider the above mentioned points.