What's on your "Bucket List"?

My 75 year old mother recently had a desire to go on a hot-air balloon ride so our family gave her that very wish for her birthday. So off we went at 4:30 AM…yes, AM to meet out near Disney for our early morning adventure. My sister, Denene, was in town so I dragged her out of bed to go with us. She was our designated photographer. :)

If you haven’t been on a balloon ride, it really is a peaceful way to see the world from a different angle, that is, until the driver hits the blast valve and sends fire shooting up into the balloon. A bit on the noisy side (and hot) but a necessary action to keep the balloon afloat. Soaring up to 4,000 feet, it was a beautiful morning. The winds were pretty calm, so we didn’t travel too far from where we took off.

Our driver, Damien, expertly landed us in a field behind newly constructed townhomes. Apparently, with all the building in the area, it’s becoming harder and harder to find places to land. I’m no balloon driver, but I do believe the winds have a lot to do with your destination. Not knowing exactly where you are going to land and then hoping it’s a soft enough spot add to the excitement.

When it comes to redesigning your home, you CAN however control your destination. The outcome is exactly what you make of it. Each room should have a purpose and through interior redesign, that purpose can be accomplished. Every time I walk into a client’s home, one of the first questions I ask is “What is this room used for?” Then, working together, we can formulate a plan and arrive at our destination - with both feet on the ground.

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