Creating Your Inspirational Home Office

Working out of your home is quite common these days. So it is very important to have a space that not only meets your needs but is inviting to yourself. It is YOUR space and it should be inspiring, beautiful and comfortable. If you are like most working men and women with home-based businesses, you probably spend a lot of time in your office and probably more then you would like. So why not make it an attractive AND functional place to work.

Following are tips to help you create an inspirational space that reflects your personality.

To create harmony and set the mood:

¨ Hang your favorite artwork
¨ Add your favorite photos
¨ To keep your brain stimulated, paint it a cheerful color
¨ Add greenery to warm it up
¨ Create a cozy reading corner by adding a comfortable chair with a table and lamp for either clients, friends or yourself

Offices do not have to be unattractive because of the necessary equipment such as computers, copiers and fax machines. Minimize the appearance of all these machines so they are not the first thing you see when entering the room. Following are some tips to help balance your office and make it more functional:

Reposition your desk by moving it out from the wall to give yourself a nice view i.e. a window, facing toward the door.
¨ Place your fax/copy machine behind the desk so it is not the first thing you see when entering
¨ Use greenery and silk plants to help hide unsightly cables and cords
¨ If you have room, put your credenza or a long table behind the desk to help balance out the room and provide a place for equipment
¨ For more storage, place a bookshelf on top of another desk or table

The objective is to create your home office so that YOU are happy and comfortable with it. Not only will you will find that re-creating your office helps you become more productive, but you will enjoy spending time in your ‘new’ space.


Blake said...

More likely than not, you will opt stay in a place where you can find yourself. Adding a personal touch in designing your workplace will at least lessen the negative energies, stress and pressure. When designing, keep in mind that your design reflects your own personality. Go for something that can provide comfort and inspire you to be productive.

-Blake Mitchell

Sharyn said...

Well said, Blake! Thanks for commenting...