Got Books?

Do you want a quick and easy way to add warmth to your home? … Add books. Hardback books are something most homeowners already have in their home and probably didn’t think about using them as accessories.

I love books and love to collect them. When visiting other cities or countries, I like to buy a beautiful hardback book on the local culture as a souvenir. Not only are they easy to bring back home but they make great keepsakes with local history and photos of the places I have been. Even though I’ve taken pictures, local books have beautiful professional photos that I may not have been able to capture. And, of course, reading about the local history makes the trip even more special.

If you don’t have enough books to display, you can go to your local library and buy used books for dirt cheap. I found an entire set of World Book Encyclopedias which is what I used to do book reports in grammar school. OK, maybe I’m dating myself since computers weren’t around “back then”. :) Being a bit sentimental, I had to have them.

A friend of mine, Alissa, recently inherited some old books from her grandparents and later found out one of the books was actually signed by Gandhi! The history behind some of these relics is just astounding.

I usually suggest removing the covers for a cleaner look. After explaining this to a client during a recent re-design, she looked at me as if I were crazy. Now I get that look from my husband a lot so I know the look. :) She thought I meant actually ripping off the front hard cover and was wondering where I was going with that suggestion. After a good laugh, I explained what I meant; remove only the paper cover.


Unknown said...

What a great idea! I love books too.

damion said...

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