La Dolce Vita

Talk about a wonderful birthday treat - relaxing at the beautiful Tuscan-style Portofino Bay Hotel. You feel like you really are vacationing in the seaside Italian village of Portofino. What makes this extra special is the dog-friendly policy! Rawlie, our Golden Retriever, was a treated like royalty. The entire staff and many of the guests knew him by name by the end of our stay. As you can see, he was quite at home. :)

No, I don't work for the hotel although it would be a beautiful atmosphere in which to spend your day and get paid for it.

While we were there, we took the boat ferry down to the City Walk to see the Blue Man Group. If you haven't treated yourself to that, it is quite a show. It was amazing the different ways they found to incorporate common household props into their show i.e. Twinkies, pipes, Cap't Crunch cereal and even toilet paper...yes, toilet paper.

It reminded me of what Interior ReDesign is all about - using what you have but using it in a different way. Sometimes it just takes a fresh eye to come in and put a new spin on your furnishings and accessories which makes it very affordable!

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