Pumpkins and Pinecones

Home Staging is a very effective marketing tool and should be used to prepare your house for the real estate market BEFORE that For Sale sign goes in the yard. By using what you already have in and around your home, it can be staged to show off the best features and minimize the the flaws.

To maximize the space in this dining room, we turned the dining table, added a sofa table along the wall mural and a large tree in corner to balance the room and add warmth as shown on the LEFT. (BEFORE on right)

Have fun with it! Bring out seasonal decor' to get potential buyers in the spirit. Being that it is the fall season, we added pumpkins and pinecones to the dining table. The white plates and pumpkins make a nice contrast to the dark wood table. Filling the bowls with pinecone mixture and adding colorful fall napkins completed our look.

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