Coffee, Candles and Commercials

I recently had the opportunity to film a commercial with . This online directory is re-vamping their website to include a new segment called "Tracy and Tina Live" which will include commercials for local businesses and events. I now have a very slight idea how nerve-racking it is to be taped "live" even for only a minute or two and NOT SCREW UP. There are so many variables that go into filming i.e. lighting, background noise, microphone issues, etc. etc.

I was thrilled when my ReDesign Concepts "commercial" was complete and I could relax while my friend, Jennifer Lee of http://www.creatingyourmasterpiece/ was filming hers. Then later found out we needed both needed to re-shoot because of technical issues. Oh, the drama of HOLLYWOOD! :)

Tracy Squadrito and Tina Quintana of Our Hometown Directory have come up with some very clever ideas to promote their website so if you haven't seen it yet, you really must check it out. Their business even got the attention of the The Big Idea with Donnie Duetch on which Tracy and her husband, Paul were guests. They seem to be in the minority these days, talking about keeping their dreams alive and doing what it takes to accomplish it. I love their positive attitude which I believe more people should have today and every day.

Getting back to the "commercial" at hand...My tip this month is warming up your home by using candles. Not literally, of course, but the overall ambience of burning candles just seems to emit a warmer, cozier feel. A quick and easy way to display candles is to add either one large or three smaller candles to your favorite platter. Then fill in with your favorite coffee beans which gives your room a nice aroma. Your candle/platter can be used by itself or within a grouping on a dining table, coffee table or kitchen counter.

Just another very simple way to use something you probably already have in your home.


Jennifer Lee said...

Sharyn, Martha Stewart better watch out - you are a natural in front of the camera...and have great ideas as well. Thanks for holding my cue cards for me!!

Sharyn said...

Thanks, Jen!! I'm just trying to keep up with you:)