So You Think You Can Decorate??

This weekend I was in Charlotte visiting my brothers & sisters. Among the activities we decided to have a photo shoot. This can be quite an adventure with my family.

Being the decorator of the family every one wants a bit of advice...only this time my sisters decided to get in on the act and share with me their Fall "re-designs tips." Here is a collection of some of the favorites.

  1. A warm welcome: Using strands of leaf garland and orange Halloween lights, entertwine them together and hang around the front door. Add pumpkins, fall potted plants, and even a scarecrow or two to complete the look.
  2. Candles: Using different sized glass hurricane urns, fill with candy corn and a pillar candle. This is perfect for a dining room or kitchen table.

  3. Add color through fabric: Change out your sofa pillows and rugs with complimenting Fall colors to your current decor. Add a throw to your sofa for those nights by the fire.

  4. Dining Room: Add lampshades to your chandelier to warm up the room.

  5. Bring the outdoors in: Bring in some greenery,
    pinecones in a basket to place on the hearth.

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