Add a Room Without Adding On

When it comes to arranging furniture, nothing is set in stone or nailed to the floor as some of my clients’ husbands might hope.:) Just because the room off the kitchen has a chandelier doesn’t mean it has to be the Dining Room.

Last year, we replaced our flooring due to a plumbing leak, it gave an opportunity to re-think and re-work some furniture arrangements (not that I need an excuse). Our infrequently used Living Room became the new Dining Room and the crowded Dining Room is now the new ‘Sitting Room’. Because it opens up to the kitchen which is of course the heart of the home, it instantly became more ‘party-friendly’. Isn’t that where everyone ends up at friends and family gatherings?

Another example is a client who had a dining room that had not been used in five years or practically the entire time they have lived in the home. We (OK, I :)) decided the table and chairs would work better in the kitchen nook.

The overly-crowded living room had a perfect chaise lounge that we moved into the dining area along with part of the entertainment center. We added a table and filled in with the accessories and Voila’... a “new” sitting room. Now they have a place to relax, have a cup of coffee in the morning or glass of wine in the evening while overlooking the pool. Without adding an addition, they added value and usable space to their home.

Don’t let tradition dictate the function of your rooms. Make the best use of all of the space in your home by thinking outside the box.

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