Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Have you ever seen the show The Amazing Race? Well, the Oviedo Businesswomen's Networking (OBN) just had its first annual Race Around Town (R.A.T. Race) and put that challenge to shame. Imagine 30 some-odd high energy, very competitive business women dressed in yellow t-shirts racing around town performing very cleverly thought-out challenges.

We were taking NO PRISONERS!
From counting money, rolling nickels, calculating college funds in the year 2025, locating specific monuments around seven continents (harder than you think), creating flooring designs, ordering specific invitations from a thousand different printing books, performing yoga moves, passing chiropractic exams, battling in combat simulation (Charlie's we come), and last but not least chipping and putting and cruising around in golf carts. And then, finally back to the club house for a final hoorah!! Whew!! I'm exhasting writing about...imagine actually doing it:)

My awesome teammates: "The Consortium" (inside joke) - Patty Indrunas of Sew Divine and Jennifer Lee of Creating Your Masterpiece and I were just practicing how it would feel just to hold the prize. But we were taken down by Vickie LaMons and her team. We did however make a huge comeback from ninth place to THIRD!! It was a Cinderella Story!! :) ...almost.

It was a day of memories and unbelievable fun! Those ladies thought of everything. We all so much appreciate the time, energy and thought that went into this event. I laughed so hard my stomach hurts:)

A special thanks to all those very clever, hard-working ladies who devoted their time, energy and creativity. Also, thanks to all the sponsors!! We can wait until next year!! The race is on...
Fortunately, if you are looking for a challenge that takes only one day and the prize is instant, you are in luck...interior redesign is just the ticket. You may have a challenging room you have no idea what to do with. Look for the clues...don't overlook possibilities in other rooms. This is where the fun is, using items in a different way which makes them look new again. Keep your eye on the prize and you will soon have a beautiful, "new" room.

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