Clear the Clutter

Whether you are staging your house to sell or staging to live, the start of the New Year is an opportune time to clear out the clutter. Pack away all those holiday decorations and get your home back in order. Before you put everything back the way you had it, think about how much less you probably really need in that space.

Benefits of de-cluttering:
  • Helps potential buyers see what you are selling
  • Makes the rooms appear larger. Buyers want to get as much square footage as they possibly can for their money.
  • You are moving anyway, so why not go ahead and pack up items that you don’t need.

  • You can see the floor now:)
  • Your chi will flow:)…think Feng Shui. There really is something to this ancient Chinese art.

    When selling your house, one of the first ‘orders of the day’ is de-cluttering. A less cluttered home can do wonders for the soul not to mention helping to get your house sold. So clean out the clutter, give it to charity and see how good it feels ...and looks :) After all, it is "National Organizing Month".

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