A Rose is a Rose is a Rose...

Did you happen to catch The Rose Bowl Parade this year? It just amazes me how many different ways flowers, seeds and organic material can be used. Those floats are absolutely beautiful. Because they must completely covered with organic items, the float designers have to be especially creative. Even the wheels must be covered. A few of the floats are still built by volunteers but most are built by professional float building companies and can take up to one year to construct.

Now that's what I call "re-design" - using something in a different way, re-purposing, transforming, creating beauty out of items you may already have.

Fortunately, it doesn't take a year to re-purpose the pieces in your home or even re-purpose a room. ReDesign is fun, fast and affordable. These days we are all watching our pennies so using what we have in our home to create beautiful rooms and spaces make much more cents...I mean, sense. :)

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