Less is More...

We had a busy morning filming Our Hometown Directory commercials at the Master's Academy in Oviedo. The segments were taped in the cafateria but it's not your typical school cafateria. It looks like a Tuscan restaurant that I would be thrilled to eat in.

Tracy and Tina are always coming up with fresh new ideas for their Oviedo Chicks Talk Show. Featuring local businesses and upcoming events, the show/website have so much to offer.

If you have a local business to share and would like to advertise, you can have your very own guest segment. Just email or call the girls and they will be happy to tell you how you can spotlight your business. It is a unique way to advertise that is more then just an ad.

I filmed my segment with Marcia Kain, realtor with Beach & Luxury Realty, where we talked about the importance of Home Staging. Even in this competitive market, you can STILL sell your house. You just need to PREPARE it before putting it on the market! First impressions are key. Buyers literally make up their minds within the first 10 seconds after walking in the front door.
To learn about some very important Home Staging tips, click "here" and go to ReDesign Concepts.

When Staging your house to sell, remember...less is more... when in doubt, throw it out!

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