The ReDesign Fairy:)

Late one night while visiting my sister, Shelley, in Charlotte, we...ok...I decided we needed to do a room redesign in her master bedroom which I had done a couple of years ago. Yes, it was WAY too long. Time for a "new" look!

My other sister, Denene, was also there and quickly jumped on board...NOT. We did have a long day of baseball games, making 35 PB & J lunches and driving all over town. We finally convinced her we were moving the bed with her in it or not:)

Because furniture is moved after being in one place for a long time, there is usually dusting and vaccuming to do. So don't feel bad if this is the case in your own home. It happens all the time when I'm redesigning a room. You may want to clean the 'new' spot before a major piece of furniture is moved into it and then clean the area where it was moved from. (I'm still in my Spring-cleaning mode)

After a very short time (since I had so many willing and able assistants), Shelley had a 'new' master bedroom that she loves! It makes quite a difference when entering the room now. Her husband was out of town so he also came home to a 'new' room which BTW he loves! Right, Jay??
The funny thing was when my five-year old nephew, Ben, came to climb in bed with his mother in the middle of the night. All Shelley heard was "Huh??" and saw Ben staring into the corner where the bed used to be:) The ReDesign Fairy strikes again...

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