Spring-Cleaning...Starting with Color

Personally, "Spring Cleaning" for me means rearranging furniture and accessories to create yet another new look, repainting something....anything and completing projects started last winter. So if you haven't already done your "Spring Cleaning", now is always a good time to start that process.

One way, as some of my clients are presently doing, is by adding paint color which gives their home a fresh, updated look. Color has a profound effect on the way we live and conduct our lives.

To quote Edy Rose, Interior Designer and Color Therapist, "Color is truly a mirror of our inner selves and, as such, it reflects our inner state of health and balance, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually. When we are drawn to, or need, different color at different times in our lives, it is because we are expressing an internal need that related to our energy centers or "Chakras".

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