Give Your Bookshelves a Facelift

Sometimes we use our bookshelves as a "catch-all". They tend to get cluttered with items we are not sure where to put. To give your bookshelves a fresh look, start by removing everything. This might, also, be a good time to dust.:)
  • Remove the book covers from the hardback books for a cleaner look.
  • Place books at the front edge of the bookshelves so they appear to fill up the space and not look lost.
  • Stack some books on end and lay a few next to the stack to use as a bookend.
  • Group pictures or like items together in odd numbers using highs and lows.

    If possible, you could even remove a shelf or two to accommodate a large picture or mirror resting on the back of the bookshelves. Add a few accessories and fill in with some greenery. To create depth and add a little more punch, you could paint the back of the bookshelves a complimentary color such as a shade darker than your walls.

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