The "I Love Me" Room

Everyone deserves a special place surrounded by the things they love. I have found that not only do women love a "new" also need a place where they can relax, enjoy and "get away". Displaying awards and accolades from his NFL days, my husband, Scott's office is now dubbed the "I Love Me" Room. :) ReDesigning a room is all about YOU!

One of my clients had the perfect spot for creating just such a room. As common in many homes, this couple had a bonus room over the garage that was never used. It had all the right elements to turn this unused space into a "home-away-from-home" for him...big screen TV, comfy sofa, even the manditory bar. :)

Because the room already had a golfclub coffee table, a golf/fishing theme evolved. Replacing the fabric love seat with a black leather sofa gave the room a more a manly feel. The fabric love seat then worked better in the family room to help break up the all leather look...but that's another redesign. Yes, that meant carrying both sofas up and down stairs. Fortunately, he was there to help:)

Bringing in a small desk and using the hutch as a .....behind the desk, he now has a place to work AND watch the big screen across the room. What more does a man need?

After hanging some favorite photos and displaying special treasures and trophies, this "I Love Me" room is ready for work, play and just a 'get away'...

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