Change Your Life Through Interior ReDesign

We get so busy with day to day activities that sometimes we just forget to take time for ourselves. What better place to do that than your very own corner which I like to call a “cozy, reading nook”. Almost any room is appropriate for these nooks. Your home is your haven and should be a place to relax, unwind and regroup.

You may just need a place to read the newspaper, a book or just reflect on the day with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. All you need is a comfortable chair or two (if you feel like sharing your nook) a table for a beverage and maybe your favorite photos along with a good reading lamp. Your nook needs to be happy and relaxing so add a few items that bring you joy.

Whether in your bedroom or in the corner of the family room, this grouping can be small enough to fit in most rooms. Add a footstool or ottoman to put your feet up or hold a tray with your favorite beverage. Just make it a comfortable a place you can really relax and unwind.
"I was getting ready to trash my furniture when a friend told me about Sharyn and her service. Not only was it easy, affordable, but it changed my life. I feel like I am in a new home." Dusty Self, Orlando, Florida
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Unknown said...

For me, great room design is a great de-stresser. After all, when you come home, you want your home to be somewhere you can just stay in control, and get away.


Sharyn said...

You are absolutely right, Nicolette! Your home is your haven and it should be a peaceful relaxing space to unwind. Thanks so much for your feedback:)I visited your blog, too...very nice! I also offer free eNewsletters with more tips, articles and photos. You can easily sign up on my website: I would love to have you join my list.

Thanks again,