Room Service, Please...

No, we are not in Alaska...Getting away for the weekend can be as easy as driving across town and staying in a beautiful hotel, dining at local restaurants and experiencing something new such as your local Ice Bar (only 27 degrees). For our 10-year wedding annniversary, my husband Scott and I decided to do just that. So I dusted off my little white sun dress that I wore when we got married on the beach - yes, same dress, grabbed my Spanx:) and off we went.

Staying at the Peabody is always such a treat. Not only is it welcoming and comfortable but there is entertainment as well...the famous Peabody Duck March. At 11:00 am, these little guys are ceremoniously escorted into the lobby fountain on a red carpet no less and then escorted out in the same fashion at 5:00 pm. You can even book yourself as Duckmaster with 24 hour notice. Of course, we had to ask but the position was already filled.:)

As most hotels, your comfort is their utmost concern. The guest rooms are filled with comforts of home including amenities such as bottles of water, magazines and chocolates on your pillows. Down comforters and cozy bedding makes for a relaxing and comfortable stay.

If you plan on entertaining overnight visitors, you will want them to feel comfortable in their “home away from home”. Providing a few extra touches will surely be appreciated. The following are some tips to spoil your guests and make them feel right at home.
  • Place a “Welcome Basket” in their room. Use either a basket or an open suitcase and fill with amenities i.e. bottles of water, house slippers, reading material, munchies for late night snacking or special treats you know they will enjoy.
  • Set up a “Coffee Station” with an assortment of coffee and teas.
  • Lay out bath items such as towels, bubble bath, soaps, etc.
  • Create a cozy reading corner with a comfortable chair, table and lamp.
  • Add some fresh flowers or a single rose and chocolates on their pillow.
  • Last but certainly not least, a comfy bed with lots of pillows and an extra blanket.
Your guest room should be welcoming and comfortable. Offer a cozy, relaxing room with the convenience of home and your guests may never want to leave.:) Room Service, please...
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