Repurpose Your Home, Your Life

With a theme of "Responding to Life Changing Events",  I was invited to appear as a guest on the Creating Your Masterpiece Podcast Show to share tips on finding a new purpose in your home and creating personal sanctuaries.  Listen to tips on creating a special space to unwind and relax after a busy day along with the latest trend - "stacations". :)


Each week Leah Turner and Jennifer Lee provide you with useful tips and techniques, based on Personal Development Coaching practices, to guide you through the process of making the shift from surviving everyday in a reactive state - to thriving in your life in a proactive, purposeful and passionate mode!
On this week’s podcast show, Jennifer and Leah begin their four part series: Responding to Life Changing Events. This week they focus on Repurpose. Sometimes life has a away of creating changes, and the best way to respond is to Repurpose…which means giving an old item and new purpose. Our physical environment is so important to us. It is an essential part of creating a balanced palette. So, the things we surround ourselves with (furniture, accessories, lighting, etc) have an enormous impact on our lives!
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