ReDesign & Make Your Friends "Green" With Envy

It does not have to be Springtime to think about decorating “green”? One simple way to help save the planet AND save your pennies is Interior ReDesign, an innovative concept using what you already have. Recycling your existing furnishings and accessories is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create an entirely new look for your home.

Simply moving furniture pieces to a different room or using them in an unexpected way can make the pieces and the room look “new” again. For example, a china cabinet can hold more than just china and does not even have to stay in the dining room. Use it to display your favorite treasures, books and fill in with some greenery to add warmth.

There are many ideas you can incorporate into re-creating your living space such as up-dating your accessories with paint. Most anything you have can be painted, giving it a fresh new look in a very short time.

• An old beat-up table or chest can be instantly restored with a coat of primer, a couple coats of paint and a sealer.
• Paint a few picture frames the same color, add your favorite family photos and voila! - instant art gallery.
• Update candlesticks, frames, mirrors, etc. with an accent color then rub on some black, brown or gold paint to give it depth and dimension.
• Paint a set of dining chairs black or a darker color to contrast with the matching table.

Recycling what you already have is a very cost effective way to create an entirely different look for your home. Remember, before you throw it out, re-think how you can re-use it. Go ahead… make your friends “green” with envy by instantly transforming your home into a beautiful “new” living space.

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