Warm Up Your Home With Lighting

When redesigning your living space, lighting is a very crucial element to creating the warm inviting atmosphere most people want to achieve. Each room should have three points of lighting such as floor lamps and tables lamps placed in a triangle pattern around the room. Add a dimmer to overhead lighting such as chandeliers or recessed lighting. This will help soften the room and still give you the option for bright lighting if needed.

To achieve a more intimate environment, completely turn off overheads and use lamps, ambient lighting and candles.

Some ideas for ambient lighting include:

• Up lights behind plants or folding screens set on a timer (also a good safety feature when away from home)
• Picture lights (cordless or if corded, paint the cord the same color as the wall to help hide it)
• Bookshelf lighting
• Wall sconces (electrical or candles)

Using candles is another way to help bring warmth and atmosphere to your home.

• Group several candles of different sizes and place on a beautiful tray or platter. Fill in with colorful rocks, coffee beans or whatever you have on hand.
• Votives candles are very popular and easy to place around on tables, line up on mantels or around your tub to create a relaxing atmosphere.
• Tea lights are very inexpensive and easy to use inside of different votives and candle holders. To preserve your large candles, place a tea light inside. Then simply change the tea light instead of burning the actual candle.

Candles come in most any fragrance you can imagine. Different aromas can 'spark' different memories. But the most popular is still vanilla.

So turn down the lights, light the candles and bring in the ambiance for a cozy, welcoming and romantic room.

More tips to help you warm up your home:

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