Create Space in Your Home By Embracing Technology

As the end of the year approaches, I begin thinking about the new year with all the new goals I want to achieve.  Many of my goals start right at home.  One area that I’ve been putting off is in the technical department e.g. CDs and old VHS tapes. OK - . sometimes it takes a while to catch up to the times. I did finally toss out my 8-track tapes from high school and college days. Now of course, I will probably learn they are worth big bucks.:)  After visiting my sister who is a wealth of technical information, I returned ready to dive into my projects.

Entertainment mediums seem to become center stage in our homes also causing unnecessary clutter. I have redesigned many a room with piles of CDs and movies that seem to take over the space. To better display your personal treasures and take the focus off the CD clutter, the following are some of my storage tips.

1. After downloading all our CDs to iTunes and then backing them up for double peace of mind, they are now neatly organized in a leather three-ring album with CD pages for much easier access and less storage space. I had actually forgotten about some until I pulled them all out and removed them from the plastic holders which are now stored away in boxes. I know I could save more space by tossing those too…maybe next year.

2. I borrowed my sister’s VHS converter and now have all of our old movies and home videos on DVDs creating lots of space after pitching those relics. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about those being worth anything.

3. I also picked up a $3 stereo cable that plugs into my Blackberry where I have downloaded, a personal radio station you create. Now we have my personally chosen music playing throughout our home stereo system. Best of all…it takes no more space than the size of my phone. Love it!

Embracing technology, I have created more room and now have all my music and movies right at my fingertips. These are just a few ideas that help save space so you can enjoy not only the music but your de-cluttered home.

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