Home Staging Virtual Tour

After a recent Home Staging, my client graciously sent me the following letter and link to the virtual tour.  Click the link below and enjoy the show...

Dear Sharyn,

I can't thank you enough for turning my home into a showcase. From your first visit I knew you were sensitive as well as creative. As you walked through my home I never felt that how I decorated was wrong but now I needed to get ready for the next decorating stage...less of me and more of the house itself.

After the painting and storage were through you came back in like a whirlwind. In less than eight hours the house looked like a model home. I was amazed and still am when I walk into a room.

The house is on the market. I am so proud of the result and am thrilled to give you credit for your creativeness and hard work. You made transforming my home dare I say fun. It was for me.

I wish you continued success in your design business. Let me know if you ever branch out to Chicago!


Check out the tour... 
Home Staging Virtual Tour

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