A Walk in The Park...

We had a great day in the park in Charlotte walking to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America. Sporting our specially designed shirts and hats...compliments of my sister, Denene and her sister-in-law Debbie, our 14-member team was the envy of all the other walkers.:)

This year there were over 800 walkers who raised over $74,000!! Many thanks to the volunteers who donated their time to make this event a success.  We also greatly appreciate all who donated to support our team.  I am thrilled to say we exceeded our goal! However, it is not too late to contribute. We are still accepting donations until June 1. Please visit Sharyn's webpage.

Watching family and friends come together to support their loved ones whose lives have been affected by Lupus, was quite a heart-warming experience. Supporting my sixteen-year old niece, Lauryn who was recently diagnosed with Lupus, it was a very special time for our family as well. 

Coming in from Orlando, Tennessee and local areas, my sister, Shelley did an incredible job preparing for her weekend guests.  Using some of the ReDesign Concepts' tips on creating a cozy guest room, we were welcomed with a basket of goodies placed at the foot of our beds.  My niece, Kaelyn (the domestic thirteen-year old who actually has her own blog: Kaelyn's Kitchen:)) proudly showed us to our accommodations she helped to prepare.  

Our baskets were filled with fresh towels and amenities...namely bottles of wine with a special label commemorating our Walk for Lupus.  It is those thoughtful extras that make your guests feel welcome, special and right at home. 

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