Downsizing and Loving It!

It's been a busy summer...families on the move. The trend of downsizing and simplifying continues as homeowners are moving out of larger homes into smaller spaces. "Less is more" is the motto when selling your home however that same philosophy can be applied when "staging to live".
Moving into a smaller space does not mean you have to give up style. Your new home can be a cozy, warm and very inviting space that will make your friends and family feel welcome.

Downsizing from a larger home to a smaller home is not always an easy task. After going through all the steps of selling your previous house, packing each item then getting it all moved to the new location can be quite the stress-builder. Now add moving from a 2800-square foot home to a 1700-square foot apartment to the equation and you might be ready to throw in the towel.

Instead of getting completely stressed, my clients whose situation described above developed a plan of action. Moving out of your home forces you to go through everything in your home piece by piece and decide what needs to go and what needs to stay. After a garage sale and charity donations, their household was ready to be packed up and moved to their new space.

Because their new home was an apartment where the 'white walls only' rule prevails, artwork and accessories are used to bring in color without painting. A smaller space can also feature your special treasurers in a more intimate and interesting way. Items that seemed to have gotten lost in a larger
home now stand out and even appear new again.

After a busy day of unpacking boxing, arranging furniture and hanging artwork, these homeowners can now relax and enjoy their new space they now call home.


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