Bedroom Retreat...

I'm always talking about those cozy corners and places to relax...well, your bedroom is the perfect spot for these retreats. With all the busy activities going on in your home, having an area or room in which to get away will help you unwind and recharge.

Start with a paint color that you love. One of the least expensive ways to make the biggest impact is paint. To prepare for the job if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you will need to clear the room of all but the major pieces which can be covered. Whether painting a room or just redesigning, this is a good time to de-clutter and decide what really needs to go back into the room.

Once the painting is complete, then the fun begins! This is my favorite part...putting the room back together...but in a different way. Sometimes it takes just trying an arrangement to see if it works. So grab your furniture sliders and get moving. Once you have created the perfect layout, it's time to start bringing in your favorite artwork and accessories.

In a very short time, you could have your very own "Bedroom Retreat"...

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