Design Tips for Your Home

Here are a few quick and easy design tips for your home.  Just making a few changes can make all the difference .

Use equal amounts of dark and light color for contrast and balance.  

Hang mirrors to reflect something interesting such as the reflection of a window which helps bring in light. If you are leaning it on a tall console or mantel, make sure it does not reflect the ceiling.   

Lowing the chandelier makes it appear larger adding a little more drama to the room.

Electrical cords are not the prettiest of decor so try to hide them as much as possible.  In office redesigns, I like to place cords and cables in a basket and add a fern.  Table lamp cords can be pulled and secured under the table so they are not hanging down in plain view.  Also don't forget to remove those tags. 

Books are a warm addition to any room.  I love to use them in every room even in unexpected areas such as the dining room.  Add them to your china hutch.  It's not just for china. 

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