Organized Simplicity...the Plan

Organized Simplicity
Getting organized is something most of us could use help with.  Our busy lives would not seem so chaotic if we had a system to keep them in order. Imagine your home, your time, your finances and your belongings all filling you with positive energy and helping you achieve your dreams. I recently came across a book called Organized Simplicity, the Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living which details a 10-day plan to effectively take care of daily activities and put you on the path to a more organized, intentional life.

Being a busy mother who home-schools three of her four children, works part-time, makes her own laundry detergent (and many more household items) AND finds time to write two blogs, my guest blogger, Shelley Hurley, has graciously allowed me to share her series of blog posts on how this book has helped get her organized in her very active life.  

I will be sharing all five posts so stay tuned!

Organized Simplicity...the plan

So I found this new book and the title caught my eye...Organized Simplicity.
There has never been a book title that could so accurately reflect my desires for my home. Both words indicate peaceful living and hospitality. 
Then a friend of mine ordered the book and posted it on Facebook. Like the generous person she is, she allowed me to peek at it. It only took an afternoon of glimpsing through the chapters to know this would be worth my time to read. So I came up with a plan.
Two very dear friends and I have been wanting to plan a trip to my hometown in Florida. We wanted to unplug and spend time leisurely enjoying walks around the lake and share great conversation over good food. So for the next 10 weeks we will be reading through Part 1 of Organized Simplicity. Then we will load up my van and head down chomping at the bit to share our lightbulb moments and of course relax! When we return we will begin Part 2 which is the practical application of the book. I am truly looking forward to all the aspects of this little bookish adventure and can not wait to share it all with you.

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