Organized Simplicity..the Purpose Statement

Continuing our Organized Simplicity journey, my guest blogger Shelley Hurley, talks about creating a family purpose statement which helps you identify what to keep and what to remove from your life Templates.
The Purpose Statement

I have really been enjoying Organized Simplicity. I think this has been a topic near and dear to my heart for quite some time. I am currently on the topic of creating a family purpose statement. As I read, this got me to thinking about my educational philosophy for my family when we first started. I remember stating clearly what my desires were for their education and how this has helped guide me in my decision making. So now this week I am faced with the challenge of asking my husband and I to define our purpose as a family. I am looking forward to some quiet hours, time with God, and time with my husband as we search for this.

What would your educational purpose be? What about your family purpose? Could you put it in to a simple, timeless statement?

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