Spring-Cleaning and My Home Office ReDesign!

It is officially spring but I got a jump on spring-cleaning a couple weeks ago...working on some redesign projects that have been on my list. I have been busy making changes in my office.  What better way to make a quick, inexpensive and easy (yes that depends of your idea of easy) change than painting. A while ago I had painted my baseboards, trim and doors dark brown in my office and wanted to lighten up the look and feel of my space. So out came the Navajo White paint can.

The first order of business was the dreaded job of painting those baseboards.  It was only one room, how bad could it be?  Well...after trying to keep it simple by moving furniture as needed that quickly came to an end.  I finally just moved everything to the center or completely out of the room. Still tight quarters to work but much easier to maneuver.  

With the trim, baseboards and doors complete it was time to move into the closet.  After cleaning it out and reorganizing, it got a fresh coat of paint...even the ugly metal filing cabinet was painted Navajo White. I have some traditional pieces and wanted to put a new spin on them. So on to the desk, French buffet (used as a credenza), mirror and bulletin board frame which got the same treatment from the paint. Nothing was safe!


Some of the smaller unnecessary tables didn't make it back into the room (better used in other rooms) which opened up the office a bit more.        
Switching out the darker rug for a lighter rug from another room helped to further brighten the room. The darker artwork was replaced with a lighter one. After adding a couple of new creamy white textured pillows and a cozy throw on the newly positioned leather sofa, my office is now the lighter, organized yet cozy sanctuary I was aiming for. 

Any space that is important to you should reflect the feel you want to accomplish. It may only take a quick furniture rearrangement, painting a room or a piece of furniture. Whether it is a calm serene space to mediate or a warm inviting room in which to relax or entertain friends, you can love your home again!

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