Imperfect is Perfect!

Perfect Little Home
Years ago when I was setting up my first home - besides the college apartments - I wanted my home to be beautiful and perfect. And perfect it was...not a pillow out of place, not a mark on any of the white countertops and every photo, picture and piece of art precisely, squarely placed.  If you know me now, I can hear the laughter at anything "squarely placed".:) I was very proud of my new perfect little home with not a thing out place...especially when company came.  Ok, it was like that when no one but me was there.  I was a perfectionist...and getting worse!

Then reality brother came to visit and the first thing he said when he walked in was "I don't want to touch anything!  It's too perfect!".  Well, there you have it...what was comfortable for me (perfectly so) was certainly not comfortable for my guests.  Of course no one else would have dreamed of uttering those words thinking they might offend me since I was so proud of my "warm, inviting home".  Only a very close relative had that privilege.

I have never forgotten my brother's words.  So began the journey of learning the art of redesign.  I continued to try new furniture arrangements, rehanging artwork and basically warming up the space using what I already had.  I was amazed at the difference just MOVING stuff makes!  My neighbor who has an incredible "eye" for design helped show me some tricks of the trade.  Having that "outside opinion" come in and see things in a different way makes all the difference in the world.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from clients "I would have never thought to do that!".

Traditional Home
Your home is all about you.  It doesn't have to be perfect just perfect for YOU.   Don't be afraid to try a new arrangement or bring artwork from another room.  Nothing is set in can always move it back.  And many times I do...just keep at it until it feels right.

The journey of redesign always continues...and my existing belongings will continue to move as is the life of an Interior ReDesigner!

Before/After Photos of Interior ReDesign projects


Jennifer said...

"It doesn't have to be perfect, just perfect for YOU!" Such a true statement! Great post, I think I'll go and move some things around now.

Sharyn said...

Wait! No moving without me!:)

fengshuiarqitect said...

Great blog Sharyn! Keep it up!

fengshuiarqitect said...

Also, really great feng shui when you move things around until they feel right. Keeps the chi flowing!

Sharyn said...

That's exactly what I tell my clients, to get that chi flowing!