Creating Focal Points with Art or Photographs

I am pleased to introduce my guest blogger: Arcadian Lighting.  When redesigning a room, you should begin with the focal points. The following are ideas on creating focal points with Art or Photographs. These are some great ideas to get that attention in the right place.

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It is easy to create a focal point with art and photographs on any wall in the house with single works of art or groupings of art and photographs. Here are several ways you can decorate your room with art while creating a focal point at the same time. Donít forget the wall lights to illuminate your arrangements.
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
The Glam Lamb via
A collection of prints or photographs uniformly framed and hung in a tight pattern creates a focal wall in this living room. If you look closely, two of the prints are actually wall sconces. How clever!
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
Crafty Nest via
Monica Ewing over at Crafty Nest took the framed botanic print group idea one step further and framed six prints using a salvaged window frame.
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
The Vivid Edge via
A collection of antique portrait prints around a mirror creates a lovely focal point in this corner. If you look in the mirror, your face becomes another one of the portraits. Wonder if this was intentional?
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
All Doing via
A large painting grouped with two smaller paintings in the same colors creates a nice focal point above the sofa. The bright orange draws the eye since it is the only orange in the room.
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
Living Room Pictures via
A collection of black and white prints in natural wood frames works well in this modern living room. Identical frames unify the different art works. Keep this in mind when creating a grouping.
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
Decorati Access via
This living room designed by Robert Passal shows that a single beautiful work of art can be the perfect focal point for a room.
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
Alluminare via
This is an interesting way to hang art on the wallócreate a color block with coordinating paint to draw attention to smaller works on a large wall. Check out the lovely table lamps that complement the decor.
Focal Points with Arts or Photographs
Christie Chase via
A single oversized photograph creates a colorful focal point. Either enlarging a personal photograph or finding one that fits the style and colors of the room would work. Love the vintage feeling to both the photograph and the furniture in this breakfast nook set off beautifully by the modern pendant light.

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  Thanks to Arcadian Lighting for this informative and interesting post.


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