Too Many Pillows? vs. The Marriage Ref

 So the other night, my husband was flipping through the TV channels and paused on The Marriage Ref.   What caught our attention was the issue they were discussing...too many pillows in the house!  After giving me "the look", we continued to watch the episode to find out whose side the panel of judges voted for...husband or wife.  The husband's complaint was too many pillows around the house and always tripping over them. He could not understand his wife's obsession with so many pillows.  Now, his definition of 'so many' is relative. The wife loved pillows and they made her closed...ok that's if I were on the panel.:)

Pillows are part of the icing on the cake when it comes to redesigning a room.  They are a simple way to add the necessary color you want or even change the look of a room.  In a bedroom for example, adding pillows to your bedding completes the look.  Layer the pillows to give it a designer touch.  Just be sure to have a specified, out-of-the-way area to store the pillows at don't want to end up on The Marriage Ref.:)

Here are a few ideas for layered bedding. Adding Euro pillows provides some height to your pillow ensemble.  Throw in a few textured pillows and one or two at the front for a pop of color.  Depending on your style, add a lot or a little.  Either way, that added touch will complete your designer layered look. 

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