Sconce Ideas...More Than Just Candles

Kirkland's display
Last month, I had the opportunity to assist in the  Kirkland's Home Stores Grand Opening in Lady Lake.  Honored to be asked to help with this event, I was like a kid in a candy store. It was so much fun meeting with customers and helping them make selections.  After working with one of many customers, I was thrilled when she came back the next day for more ideas and even brought a picture she had taken of the vignette we put together the previous day!

Speaking of Kirkland's, I recently visited the home of my nephew, Michael and his lovely new bride, Shannon.  Shortly after walking in the front door, I recognized many of their home accessories...straight from Kirkland's.  I think she is Kirkland's best customer.:)  Below are some of her ideas on using wall sconces...very creative and beautiful. She has quite a 'decorative eye'.

Wall sconces add style and character to any room and they don't necessarily have to hold just candles.  Place some decorative rocks inside then add an exotic flower.  Use them in a grouping with artwork or just hang a couple of sconces by themselves filled with potpourri, flower cuttings or any interesting items with texture and color.

wall sconce ideas

wall sconce ideas

Thanks for sharing your ideas, Shannon!

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