Decorating With Painted Treasures

Hi, Susi here. I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. I'm so happy to visit ReDesign Concepts today and share some painted treasures and decorating ideas. I am inspired by Sharyn's philosophy of rediscovering what you have and using it in new ways. Painted furniture and decorative objects can be moved about within a home to add color and interest to any room. From antique pieces with original finishes, to restored and reimagined vintage pieces, decorating with painted treasures is easy and fun.

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This dresser, with its classic antique lines, is a painted treasure when painted with a dry brush technique. Outside the bedroom, a painted dresser would look great in an entry or even living room.
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This Tyrolean style painted bed looks like a real antique treasure. This style of painted furniture comes from the Alps and often includes deer and woodland flora. Great for mountain lodge bedroom designs.
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Antique Americana painted wooden buckets are highly collectible. A clever DIYer could replicate the look and feeling of these buckets for charming storage in a bathroom or kids room.
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A white washed French antique day bed and matching bench are gorgeous examples of painted furniture. Painted furniture doesn’t have to be colorful to make a statement.
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Colorful paint can make an antique or vintage piece feel modern and fresh. This vintage metal bed has a new life in aqua.
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Tole is the art of painted metal decorative objects. Tole trays, tins, lampshades and even trash cans with their original finishes are definitely painted treasures. You can create your own toleware by decorating a plain metal object in paint.
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Vintage suitcases are a great find at yard sales and flea markets, but they aren’t always in the best condition. A simple and clever solution to restore these vintage treasures is to paint the exterior.
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Giltwood, or gold leafed wood, was a popular surface finish on antique furniture and mirrors. Metallic paints can turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a treasure. Great for a bedroom design or even a powder room.

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