"New" Chandelier...Created all in one-day!

Still working on freshening up and redesigning some areas in our home - OK most areas of the home:), I decided the dining room chandelier fell into that "re-do" category.  After having company last week and showing them all the unusual items I painted and what a difference it makes by giving the pieces an undated look, one of my friends told me about her brassy gold chandelier with stands of hanging crystals that her husband wasn't particularly fond of. So what better way to make a change for the least amount of money - paint!  What I personally could NOT believe was the fact that I, the queen of painting, did not think to paint the chandelier myself!:)  So a plan of action was formed and I quickly went to work.

I began with removing all the crystals - if anything just to clean them.  After cleaning the chandelier, it was time to prime.  I always use a primer called Zinsser Bull's Eye 1-2-3 Primer - quick and easy, no sanding and will prime most anything i.e. glass, marble, wood, etc.  After that dried, I began the tedious process of painting on a Satin Black paint....chain, medallion and all.  Then I painted a sealer on.  The process would have been much quicker had I removed the chandelier from the ceiling to spray paint it but electrical work is not my forte and don't want to go there even though I have in the past but try to stay away from those situations :)  All we have to do now is add back some not all of the crystals.  For a more cleaner look, I choice not to bring back the swags.  To dress it up a bit, you could add back the chandelier shades.  It's all in the look you are trying to least on that particular day.

A chandelier that my husband was ready to trash turned into one he now loves.  Lesson here:  before you throw something out, look at it through fresh eyes and see if it's worth a coat of paint.  It could completely change it giving it the look you want and love.

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