A Headboard is Born!

Being in the process of redesigning my guest room...again...a new headboard was a must.  After researching many websites and catalogs for the perfect headboard, I decided I just needed to make my own. So I enlisted the help of my good friend and master seamstress, Patty Mack of Sew Divine.

My first assignment for the headboard task, after deciding the style and pattern, was to purchase a piece of plywood measuring 48" high and 62" long (the width of the bed plus one inch on each side).  This being my first headboard project, I wanted to be sure it was strong so I ended up with this 3/4 inch piece of plywood that would have withstood Hurricane Charley.  My other "assistant" and good friend, Jennifer Lee of Coach Jenn Lee, of course had plenty of smart remarks about my hurricane-proof plywood selection.:) ...mainly because we had to maneuver it around quite a bit...and it was HEAVY!

party appetizers
Our headboard-making day began with the necessary treats.:)  Then on to laying out the pattern of the headboard.  This was accomplished by some guesswork, a weighted string, ruler and a Sharpie.

Because my headboard design entailed an arch and a curve on either side, the string helps form a natural curve when hung from two points.  Then we traced the arch.

creating headboard out of plywood

Using a jigsaw, Patty cut out the pattern on one half, then flipped the cut-out piece over and used it as  the pattern for the other half.  Pretty ingenious:)

how to create headboard

I love how the design came out...even more than the photo I used.  We then laid the plywood on the batting to trace the pattern to be cut.  Then back on the table to spray glue onto the plywood to secure the batting.  Our headboard is now ready for the beautiful fabric....along with more wise comments from Jenn Lee regarding the weight of my very solid headboard because we had to carry it through the house to the table in the back.

how to create headboard

Using a heavy-duty stable gun, Patty attached the fabric and even added black backing...she is such a professional.
how to create headboard

Now the only thing left is the nailhead trim to give it a sophisticated decorative accent.  Patty, the ultimate professional, would have none of the nailhead strips that come on a roll. was individual nailheads to the tune of 357! Foolishly, I thought I can take it from least so I can say I helped make the headboard.  After delivering it to my house and attempting the art of nailing each one into place, I almost decided to forego the entire nailhead embellishment.  But Patty to the rescue...we ended up taking it back to her house so she could use her handy staple gun to make a groove for the nailheads for easier placement.  
making a headboard

She got so carried away, she just completed the entire project herself! And voila! ... a beautiful headboard was born!  Thanks soooooo much to my good friend and master headboard maker, Patty Mack, I now have the most beautiful headboard...better than I ever dreamed!
making a nailhead trim headboard
In case you are wondering where I was...someone had to take the pictures:)  Stay tuned for photos of the guest room make-over...


Unknown said...

It does look beautiful in the guest room.

Sharyn said...

It did turn out better than I ever dreamed! Can't wait to put on the finishing touches to complete the room!