How To Sell a House in SIX Days!

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I had the recent pleasure of working with a client who was preparing to sell his home.  The key word here is "preparing" i.e. home staging.  His first move was to call in a Home Stager - me.:) to see the house through "buyer's-eyes" going through each room inside and out.  Every house needs some attention before putting it on the market whether it be simply "losing" the family photos to painting and making the necessary repairs.  These days buyers want "move-in ready" homes and this seller made that happen for one lucky buyer.    

It is always such a pleasure to work with clients who truly understand the value of home staging and actually execute the "to-do" list.  Kudos to my client for doing the work that was needed to sell his home!  Nice job, John!  Here is his list of tips to get the job done...

Hi Sharyn,
I just wanted to let you know that I put my house on the market January 2 and had an offer January 8 with everything I wanted, i.e. full price, not paying Buyer closing costs.  Unbelievable in this Florida market!
Here's what I did:
  1. Hired a great professional home stager, Sharyn Hutchinson, to suggest how to stage my home room by room.
               2.  Made a list/plan of improvements as suggested by Sharyn. 

               3.  Executed the home improvement staging plan as you have the time and money.  

               4. Hired professional contractors where needed when I couldn't do the work myself
                    i.e.  knock down, orange peel

               5. Painted with colors suggested by Sharyn even though you may disagree.

               6. Hired an aggressive professional real estate agent.

               7. Priced the house that is realistic in today's market environment.

               8. Did final staging of the home.

               9. Left town so the house remains staged (perfect) while not living there.
Thanks for your help and professionalism.  I believe you were very instrumental in selling my home.  I had no idea I would get a great offer so soon.  If all goes well, i.e. inspection/appraisal, I will close February 20.
Thanks again,

--John T. Caldwell
Casselberry, Florida

Need I say more!  John's list says it all!

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