Going Au La Naturale...Rugs that is...

Natural rugs are very popular and go well with most any decor. The texture of a natural rug is beautiful on wood flooring or softens the look of tile.  There is also quite a selection out there.  I know this personally since I am in the market for one for our family room and having a really hard time deciding! Seagrass, sisal, jute, hemp!  What's a girl to do?  I think I have it narrowed down to a least this week:)  To help decide, some stores like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs will sell you a sample piece that you can return.

One of my concerns is walking on a natural rug with bare feet. Ok - I'm from the south and I go barefoot a lot.:)  I just want to be sure it's soft enough which can be an issue with the natural fibers.  So I'm leaning toward a wool blend.  Being a high-traffic area, I was worried about keeping it clean. I have heard to use baking soda on spills to soak them up then vacuum.  Problem solved!:)

Here are few ideas for using natural rugs in your home.  Lots of textures in these rooms...and a bit of greenery to bring in some life.

living room with textured rugs
House Beautiful

dining room with lots of textures
House Beautiful

natural fiber rug
Pottery Barn

These are the two I have narrowed it down to...both from Pottery Barn and happen to be on sale!

Choice #1 - Heathered Chenille Jute

Heathered Chenille Jute rug

 Choice #2 - Chunky Wool and Natural Jute
A bit thicker and softer which is one of my prerequisites but I'm guessing a little less forgiving when it comes to keeping clean.  Better stock up on the baking soda:)

chunky wool and natural jute from Pottery Barn

Any thoughts??  I would love to hear what you think or share ideas for rugs that you love! 

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