Bathroom Renovation Underway!

Our master bath renovation is well underway...a remodel that has been long overdue!  This bathroom has undergone several "make-overs" in the past thirteen years since we have lived in the house.  Being an 80's home, the original bathroom looked like a Laura Ashely explosion - dark blue floral wallpaper on the walls AND the ceiling!  Since then it had gone from striped wallpaper of every possible color to the faux-painted look I created using plastic trash bags that was so popular for a while. Or at least I thought it was.  ( I was really into faux-ing EVERYTHING:)) Then I decided to bring the bathroom into this decade by calming it down with a more neutral paint color - pictured below.  But soon that much-needed and much-discussed remodel will finally become a reality!  

master bath before renovation
I had done what I could with the shower 'cave' but the time has come for a complete tear-out. Yah!

master bathroom during renovation
So far so good. The shower now has two half walls to help open it up. Even the entire room looks bigger and of many goals with this project.

master bathroom during renovation

The garden tub had the 80's mirrors around it built underneath a soffit which made that area feel closed in and dated.  There was also a tiled step in front of the tub unnecessarily taking up more space that need be.

master bathroom before redesign

We decided to keep the garden tub and work around it. But the soffit, mirrors and step in front of the tub were removed. As with any remodel, there are problems that arise and you may have to go to with Plan B, C or sometimes D....being flexible is key! I know that's easier for some more than others. 

master bath during renovation

master bathroom during renovation

I finally got to get in there and add my mark with paint.  I found a color I liked by using my "Chip It!" toolbar link.   The remodel continues....

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Sharyn said...

You are so right...and what a difference it made!

Quality Logs said...

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Sharyn said...

You said it..that sense of satisfaction and to see our selections came together makes it all worthwhile! Thanks for commenting...

Charlene J said...

Good points. Bathroom renovations also offer a number of great benefits, not the least of which include dramatically increasing the value of your property while creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family.

Sharyn said...

So true, Charlene...and we certainly are enjoying the much-improved space. Thanks for your comment!

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