Divide and Conquer!

Do you have a room that is so large you don't know what to do with it? Sometimes an over-sized room can be a challenge to figure out how to turn into a warm comfy space. The trick is to divide and conquer! Divide the room into separate areas depending on the function of each area. In this redesign the living room is actually twice the size of the photo shown. My client needed a space for adult entertaining and relaxing as well as an area for her son to play and watch TV.

living room before make-over

living room after make-over

The first task was to clear the area.  The piano now has the perfect home under the chandelier in the dining area which was not being used.  Instead of being the first thing you see coming in the front door, the treadmill found a place in a back room.  A very large colorful piece of art become the focal point and also brought in some color.  The adult side of this very spacious living room is now ready to enjoy.  Kid-side still "under construction".:)

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