Find the Perfect Paint Color With "Chip It!"

paint fan deck
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Paint is the easiest and least expensive way to change the look and feel of a room but choosing the perfect paint color can sometimes be a challenge.  Not any more!  Once again, my sister, Shelley who has a fabulous blog Our Story in Progress, turned me on to a very helpful and fun site called Let's Chip It!  This is a Sherwin-Williams site where you can instantly turn web photos into Sherwin Williams paint colors. Like Pinterest,  Chip It! can be downloaded to your toolbar for easy access.

Once downloaded, find any photo on the web that has colors that you like then click on your "ChipIt!" link in your toolbar.  Hover over the photo and a 'ChipIt' tag will appear. Click the tag and a window will open with a Sherwin Williams color palate of the very colors in your photo. Your Chipcard with these colors can then be saved to a file that you set up.  It's so easy!

palate of color combinations
Design Seeds

Another very useful and interesting site is Design Seeds where color palates are laid out for you.  Find a palate you like and then "Chip It!" to see what it would be in a Sherwin Williams color.

Next time you have a redesign project and need paint colors, try Chip It!

Have fun "chipping" away!

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