Guest Bath Redesign

If you've been following my posts lately, you will see that I am in "bathroom mode" these in remodeling.  While our master bath was being remodeled, I decided to give our guest bath a quick redesign.  Being as impatient as I have always been:) - hence - why I love doing redesigns...they only take a short amount of time with incredible long wait or major cost...I got busy in the guest bath and did what I could without tearing it out completely.  That comes later, I hope...

In keeping with my lighter and brighter motto, I just had to brighten up the guest bath going for more of a "spa-feel".   I always loved (and still do) the apricot color which does happen to be one of this year's color of the year.  But this bath had been apricot for many years and it was time for fresh look.  Even though the bath is not attached to the recently redesigned guest room, I wanted it to have an en suite feel by using the same colors and style.

guest bathroom redesign
Because of all the painting I have done when I want to change things on a whim:), I happen to have some left over paint.  Go figure...But I didn't have quite enough taupe paint I had used in the guest room so I added some left over paint that was similar.  It served my purpose.:) The 14-year old mirrors were antique gold and also needed a change so they were taped off, sprayed with 1-2-3 Primer then spray-painted bronze.  The wall art is a piece of decorative wood sitting on a sconce both painted Navajo go-to color I have been painting everything!... from walls to baseboards to picture frames and vases.  I had already painted the vanities and changed the knobs months ago. A little bit of paint goes a long way!
Changing out the rug to an off-white shag gives the floor a soft texture underfoot.  Besides it helps hide the tile I am not real fond of.:)  

guest bath before redesign
I gave the shower a new look with a new shower curtain and curved rod which adds 7 - 8 inches inside your shower...also lights up the room and gives it a bit more of that 'spa-feel'...

curved shower rod


Shower Doors Nassau County said...

I absolutely love your shower curtain! The small symbolic designs and trims always add so much more feel and flavor to a piece. I'm also really glad you changed the wall color from brown to white, no longer an eye soar. Keep it up!!

-Irwin Zinkin

Sharyn said...

Thanks so much! I do love that curtain as well. And yes, it is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can change the entire look and feel of a space.:)

Thanks for commenting!

Sharyn said...
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