Interior Design Trends for Spring and Summer of 2012

Some interesting ideas to add color outside this spring from my guest blogger, Sam Marquit.

This spring and summer, look to America’s great outdoors for design inspiration. I’ve already done numerous remodeling projects in East Hampton homes this year; from what I’ve seen, folks are really going rustic.
Especially popular this year is sunset orange, sea blue, hazy-mountain violet and the grayed teal of a blue spruce tree. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money painting and reupholstering furniture to achieve this look. As long as you have a neutral base, there are many ways you can bring in these hues without blowing the budget:
1. Display glassware on open shelving or glass-front cabinets.
colored glassware display

This season’s cool blues, greens and violets lend themselves perfectly to hand-blown glass. Choose glassware that incorporates two or more shades in one piece for the flowing, organic look that is popular now.
2. Place large pottery bowls or planters in prominent places.
painted pottery bowls

Handcrafted pottery is another way to bring in this season’s colors. Choose an unevenly glazed piece for a rustic look or a smooth piece for a modern look.
3. Bring in pattern through linens or a wallpapered accent wall.
patterned walls

Pattern is another interior design trend that is continuing strong this spring and summer. Repetitive patterns such as houndstooth, herringbone, chevron and linked-chain designs are in vogue. If these patterns are too sharp-edged for your taste, some designers are interpreting these patterns in a soft-edged watercolor.
4. A black-and-white color scheme is the perfect backdrop for a punch of bright color.

black and white color scheme

Although this year’s spring and summer designs focus on color, that doesn’t mean that rooms should be garish or overly colorful. Black and white provides a restful backdrop. White slipcovers for sofas and furniture give the room a light and airy feel for the warmer months. Interior designers are also choosing white burlap as an inexpensive drapery fabric. Burlap drapery panels on rings can easily replace heavier curtains for spring and summer. Burlap panels don’t need to be lined and let in sunlight beautifully.
For spring and summer, large quantities of black are too overpowering. Instead, bring in small quantities of black as an anchoring color. A group of photographs in simple black frames or spindly black metal candlesticks are just right.

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