Bookshelves Ideas

Bookshelves add an interesting element to any room and you don't necessarily have to stock them with books. There are so many ways to accessorize your bookshelves...add your favorite photos, family heirlooms, colorful pieces of art, candlesticks...the list is endless.   Here are some creative ideas to warm up a room using bookshelves.

Stack books, add favorite accessories or memorabilia, hang artwork on the outside of your bookshelves.

bookshelves by Philip Corrivan
Philip Corrivan
Paint the background an accent color to better show off your accessories and collections.  Add a ladder for easy access and a great conversation piece.

bookshelves with ladder

One Kings Lane bookshelf ideas
One Kings Lane

Use cubes hung diagonally and fill with books.  How easy and not something you see everyday.

diagonal bookshelves

bookshelf ideas

Add pattern to the back of your bookshelves for visual interest.

patterned bookshelves

White shelving with blue background...stunning.
bookshelves with blue background

Open bookshelves make for a clean look while highlighting each piece.

open bookshelves

What's on your shelf?

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