Best Product to Clean Your Shower!

When I find a great product, I like to share it...

old world bathROOMKaboom shower cleanerAfter remodeling our master bath and replacing the cave-like shower with an open three-sided glass shower, two of which are half-walls with one large opening door, that left a lot of glass in the shower that needed to be cleaned.  We now have this 'new' bath with gorgeous new granite, copper sinks and tile so the beautiful new shower needed to stay shiny and new. We had never had so much glass to clean and tried several different cleaning products.  None did the job we needed...mainly - get rid of the hard water stains.  Then my friend Patty told me about Kaboom Willing to try anything, I immediately ran out to purchase this "miracle glass cleaner".  Well, happily to my worked!!  We now have the shower we had when the remodel was first completed...before it was actually used.:)  Shiny and new!  Kaboom, Kaboom!

If you have an outstanding product that you would like to share, please send me a comment!  We are all looking for the best tips! 


Perth sheds said...

Thanks a lot for the page! Nice post.

Sharyn said...

You are so welcome! Always like to share a good thing:)