Decorating with Latest Trends - Rose Quartz and Serenity

Color can change the look of an entire room/home without having to spend a lot of money to do it.  My guest blogger, Chloe Taylor, gives us some valuable tips using color to create a fresh new spring look for your home.  Happy Spring ReDesigning!

Each year the world's leading authority on colors, Pantone, chooses one color which will be a true hit both in fashion world and in home décor in the following twelve months. This year, the people from Pantone doubled our excitement by choosing two twin colors – Rose Quartz (warm embracing pink) and Serenity (cool tranquil blue). These two shades complement each other so well that they can make any home look incredibly welcoming. If you have not yet incorporated them into your home, with the arrival of spring, now is the right time to do it. Here are some great, yet affordable ways, to make your home Pantone-approved.

Paint the Walls

You have probably already planned to paint the walls this spring, so why not paint them Rose Quartz and/or Serenity? Your first option is to get the most out of this color combo and paint two walls with Rose Quartz and two with Serenity. Note that, if you go for this choice, you will have to tone down the appearance with furniture and accessories. If you, however, choose one of these two shades as a dominant one and paint the walls with it, the other can complement it through accessories and furniture. You can complete the appearance with wallpapers, wall stickers or mural, if you think it is too ordinary that way.

Paint the Doors

Why stop there? These colors are so amazing and appealing that we would even paint the roof of our house with them. For now, let us stick to doors. If the walls of your rooms are painted in one shade of Pantone’s twin colors, you can choose another shade for painting the in-house doors. You can do the same if the walls are painted in some complementary color (pinks, rich browns, greens, purples, yellows, and other mid-tones). You can even give the outside look a splash of color by painting the front door. To make that appearance work better, you can also paint the windows frames.

Replace the Replaceable 

Replacing all of your furniture just to keep up with this year’s décor trends would be foolish. Luckily, there are some alternatives which can achieve similar effect, while not desolating your wallet. It is probably already time to replace your all well-worn rugs with brand new, Pantone-approved, modern floor rugs. And what do you say about those boring curtains? To best reflect the calming feeling the twin shades are producing, opt for lightweight sheer fabric. Other things you can replace are bed covers, cushions, tablecloths, etc.

You Can Do It

When put together these two colors are irresistibly vintage, so they deserve that you work out your DIY muscles on them. Not only you will save a lot of money, but you will make some adorable pieces with your own two hands, and nothing compares to that. All you need is some sandpaper, two buckets of paint, and you can refresh or repurpose some old furniture. If you do not have such furniture or accessories, you can buy them at a local flea market for a bargain. You can even try your luck with decoupage.

Finishing Touches

You are almost done. All it remains now is arranging the details throughout the house. Use those details to create a cohesive look in all the rooms. Look around and see which color is already dominant, and use the other one to create harmony. Use accessories such as paintings, photo frames, wall clocks, vases, and so on. If you already have both Pantone’s colors very much present than you can decorate with complementary shades. Also, besides the colors, you should keep in mind the overall décor style you are trying to achieve. Is it arts & crafts? Is it modern? Perhaps vintage or eclectic? 

Pantone’s think tank has done it again. They have chosen two extraordinary colors, which appeal to the eye and incorporate well both in our wardrobes and our homes. Trust them and use the twin colors to bring in a splash of spring into your home. 

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