What Makes a Living Room Truly Contemporary

If you have been wondering what the difference is between modern and contemporary style, my guest blogger, Lillian Connors, shares some interesting thoughts on this subject.

If you have been using the terms modern and contemporary in the interchangeable manner, you should know they’re not really of the same kin. The people of this sphere use “modern” to describe everything from the 1920s to 1950s era, while “contemporary” is the word to use for the currently present styles and pieces. Still, neither of these terms are neglected, as the modern design, that’s referred to a “retro” style as well, is still rather popular and in use.
For everyone keen on knowing what the contemporary design entails nowadays, we have asked some renowned people in this field to bring us up to speed on the matter.

Differences between modern and contemporary

The experts in contemporary sitting room design commonly characterise the modern interiors as the old-time style. In all honesty, that’s exactly what it is today, a décor of the past times and an inspiration for many present-day revivals. Producing a room setup that adheres to the “modern” rules is not all that hard, really. Just put a simple, raised leather two-seat with a rounded backrest into your room, and pair it with a minimalistic coffee table made of glass or wood.
On the other hand, complying with the contemporary design code is a bit more fun. That’s because this style is mixing and matching the ideas and pieces from various periods. To get the right eclectic vibe of the contemporary settings, combine the currently available furniture with some classic items, such as old pendant light fixtures and craftsman-like wall moldings.

The size of the living room

Even though petite rooms are usually the perfect candidates for the contemporary design solutions, we have another tempting suggestion for you. Go for the open floor plan! This unique setup incorporates the kitchen and dining room with the living room for a marvellous, open-space mashup. And the best thing is, this organisational scheme works splendidly with both modern-retro and contemporary design.
However, when you decide to construct the open floor plan, you have to ensure the rooms are properly separated. How do we do this? It’s quite simple, you just paint the walls and floors of the living room in different colour. This way you’ll make the space division without the harsh walls.
Your space will be unified and separated at the same time, and that’s what we were after in the first place. If styling a small room according to the contemporary design guidelines doesn’t cut it for you, swap it for an open-floor plan and “enlarge” your living quarters.

The accompanying elements

Another aspect in which the contemporary way takes the cake is that nothing of the present items seems to belong with each other. For example, placing an air conditioning unit in a home of a family from the early 20th century would thoroughly baffle them. The present day has given us a great offer in cooling devices, and they go hand in hand with the contemporary décor. Also, the marriage of retro design with the AC units could create a series of complications concerning its setup, upkeep and fixing, advise Sydney-based specialists for aircon repairs.
Similarly, dimmers and wall lamps just don’t go well with the plain minimalism of the modern look. The contemporary layout is a step ahead of it, where all the lighting fixtures of your liking are allowed.
When a technical paraphernalia of the contemporary sitting room is concerned, you can select the devices after your own heart. From the old school VHS players to the innovative Smart TVs, all is permissive in the medley called contemporary interior design. The same principle can be employed for the introduction of laptops and PC units, as well as to the new-age gaming consoles. The contemporary method makes it almost impossible for a piece to stand out from its surroundings.

The contemporary code of the interior décor seamlessly gathers all the quirky and standard pieces of our living room. It’s a veritable, free-for-any-style mode of decoration that fully accommodates our needs and way of living. This significantly increases the comfort factor as well. With our open-floor plan suggestion and general tips, you too can have it in your home.

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