7 Decorating Rules That Are Worth Breaking

When it comes to decorating, thinking outside the box and breaking those decorating rules you have always read about help to create a much more interesting and beautiful space.  My guest blogger, Chloe Taylor shares seven decorating rules that are definitely worth breaking! Enjoy!

While most people claim that interior decoration is an art, there are those who would say that it is actually no short of an actual science. Regardless of which side of the story you believe, both arts and sciences have written and unwritten laws they abide. Now, some people dogmatically follow these rules, but in reality, nothing is written in stone. Some rules are meant to be broken and some are definitely worth breaking. With this in mind, here are seven simple decorating rules you would be wise to break at first opportunity.

1. Not Everything Must Match

Whenever you go out and look for some items to add to your home you will probably look for the design and color that matches the rest of the setting. However, not everything has to match. If you are building an OCD heaven then sure, just go for it and avoid even the slightest irregularities in your inventory. Still, sometimes an odd item (in either shape or color) might help bring some soul to your already “too symmetrical” home.

2. Paint Ceiling in Color Other Than White

When it comes to the color of the walls, this is one of the rare situations where most people aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. Unfortunately, same could not be said about the color of the ceiling. There is a rule that, no matter what the color of the walls is, your ceiling should be white. Needless to say, this rule is one that a lot of people zealously adhere to. Selecting the right ceiling color can do wonders for the room and even make it appear larger (brighter colors) or smaller (darker hues).

3. Playing Safe is Not Always the Safest Choice

Speaking about choosing right colors for your home, most guides will advise you to go with neutrals. Now, this is quite tricky since while you cannot go wrong with neutrals it is also highly unlikely that you will achieve that wow-effect by working with them exclusively. In other words, choosing neutrals as your most important decoration ally is not playing to win. It is playing not to lose, which is a completely different story. Sometimes, your home will crave for more aggressive colors like burnt rust red, vermillion or pumpkin orange in order to leave a strong impression.

4. Dark Colors in Small Spaces? Why Not!

It is a known fact that darker colors can make a room appear smaller, which is exactly the reason why they are avoided in small rooms in the first place. However, not everyone is obsessed with large spaces and painting the room in darker colors can make it more intimate. 

Once you make this kind of cozy atmosphere, you can further enhance it with a nice area rug. Sure, some would claim that a quality rug can cost an arm and a leg, but in order to find a middle-ground, you can always look up some cheap rugs. This can actually come in quite handy, especially with home theaters, home offices or even bedroom decoration.

5. Different Color for Walls and Floors Is No Longer Taboo

 With the diversity of floor tiles you can use for your home, a need arose for guidelines which will govern its appliance. Unfortunately, these simple tips that were meant to be of advisory nature, quickly evolved into strict don’ts restricting some of the brightest ideas by labeling them as taboo. Do not allow this kind of attitude to restrict you from doing something special and unique for your home and feel free to use same color for all major surfaces in your home if you feel like it.

6. One Purpose Rooms Are Outdated

In the early 21st century, everything is about practicality, which would make one-purpose rooms outdated. Sure, some decorators are still appalled by the idea of having multi-purpose rooms, but this doesn’t mean that their visual side must be neglected. Making baby’s room/office or living room/dining room makes so much sense and makes your space organization much simpler. This is simply something too convenient for you to ignore. 

7. Stick with One Epoch

Finally, one of the most popular “rules” here is that you should never mix up two styles. Now, so far we mentioned some impractical rules, we mentioned some unnecessary rules, but out of all of them this one is by far the most narrow-minded you will ever encounter. In some situations, it prevents you from turning to an item that may very well perfectly complement the rest of your interior. The only reason being that it belongs to a different era. To cut the long story short, if two items go well together, you shouldn’t care less if one of them is vintage and other is contemporary.


Sure, rules are sometimes there for a reason, but this doesn’t mean that you should obey them in every single situation. If you mix things up in your home and find yourself content with the results, then this is all that really matters and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact, if all goes well, you shouldn’t be too afraid to write a couple of rules of your own.


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